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Mae Govennen Mellyn! Thats Elvish for Well Met Friends! This page is dedicated to the long lasting friendship between the Ranger Aragorn Elessar and the Elf Prince Legolas Greenleaf Thranduilion. The series is called Sermos Nealve Raakina, which means Friends aren't Broken, and follows the bond of these two companions. This is a slash free site, so if you enjoy the pair in a romantic setting, this isn't the place for you since I do not. Aragorn Elessar, also known as Strider, Elf-friend, Son of Arathorn, and many others befriended Legolas Greenleaf Thranduilion, Prince of Mirkwood. The stories I write myself follows their adventures, misadventures, joyful and hard times. Ever since the ring was undiscovered, and the Evil threat of Mordor was but a shadow, the two companions had an unlikely friendship. These stories go beyond the movies and books, exploring what Aragorn and Legolas went through together. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's life or death, but it's always worth the time to write and read about. The families of the two were fine with their strong bond, both Silvan King Thruanduil of Mirkwood, and Noldor Lord Elrond, with children Elladan, Elrohir, and Arwen of Rivendell. Not all looked kindly on their partnership however. Especially the superstitious men in far lands. I hope all who enter this site read at least one story and leave with a happy heart. The series here is a work in progress, and other stories will be added over time. Thank you for visiting, and I wish everyone a great read!
~Kate the Webmistress

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I think the sidebar is very self explanitory, so I doubt there will be many problems with it. On, all my stories are under Legolas and Estel. and others are under LadyLegolas42. If you want to join my Yahoo! Group, go to the "Contact" Page. I really hope you are enjoying your visit here. Explore, traveller, and see what my land has to offer!



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Please take some time to read the great fics on here! It's all centered on Legolas, Aragorn, or Legolas and Aragorn. I would love for people to email me their fics so I can post them on here. Happy reading to you all!

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